CAM-PLEX Multi-Event Facilities, Gillette, Wyoming  
Wednesday, August 23, 2023 - Saturday, August 26, 2023   iCalendar Eastern Standard Time



REGISTRATION (Early Bird ends June 21, 2023)
Full Registration For 1 Person -- $230 Early Bird; $250 Regular
Full Registration For 2 People -- $250 Early Bird; $270 Regular
Full Passport For 1 Person -- $165 Early Bird; $185 Regular
Full Passport For 2 People -- $185 Early Bird; $205 Regular
Spouse, Partner, Immediate Family -- Free
Guest 18 and Under -- Free
Guest 19 and Older -- $20

General, Full Generator, No Generator, External Generator - $0
30-Amp Electric With Water - $205

30-Amp Electric Full Hookup - $300
50-Amp Electric With Water - $325
50-Amp Electric Full Hookup - $450

RV Basics (August 20-22, 2023)
RV Basics 1 Student - $250
RV Basics 2 Students - $400

RV Driving Program Classes -- Call (800) 543-3622 To Register
RV Backing Class 2 Students - $249
RV Driving Class 1 Student - $495

Other Activities
Ladies' Luncheon - $15
Magic Mile Walk/Run - $10

Partial Payment Program
The FMCA Partial Payment Plan is available for those who register by credit card. This plan allows registrants to pay half of the total registration
cost upon initial registration, with the balance charged at a later date. The last day to use the Partial Payment option is June 19, 2023. For those
who elect to use the Payment Plan for the Gillette convention, the remaining balance will be charged on June 20, 2023.

Volunteer Opportunities
Visit www.fmca.com/fmca-events-information-central for additional information.
The volunteer options below include the date you will be expected to arrive so that you can be parked and on-site for the group's
volunteer meeting.
Parking -- Arrive on Aug 17; meeting Aug 18
Greeters -- Arrive on Aug 19; meeting same day
Frustrated Maestros -- Arrive on Aug 20
Activity Carts -- Arrive on Aug 20; meeting Aug 21                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Security -- Arrive on Aug 20; meeting Aug 21
Trams -- Arrive on Aug 20; meeting Aug 21
Coffee Hour -- Arrive on Aug 21; meeting Aug 22
FMCA Store -- Arrive on Aug 21; meeting Aug 22
Information Center -- Arrive on Aug 21; meeting Aug 22
Seminars -- Arrive on Aug 21; meeting Aug 22


The person who is signed in must register first. Do not register your spouse, partner, or immediate
family before yourself. Doing so could lead to an inaccurate registration.

When you begin registering, you will be given options of:

  • Full Registration 1 Person
  • Full Registration 2 People
  • Passport 1 Person
  • Passport 2 People

Select the type of registration (Full or Passport) and 1 Person if you are attending by yourself.
Select the registration type and 2 People if you are attending with at least one other person.

When registering yourself, make sure to select the type of parking you would like at the event.
Do not leave the NONE button filled. This does not apply to Passport registrations.


If your female partner, spouse, immediate family member, or guest is interested in attending the luncheon,
sign her up under her own registration.

If you register for 2 People, you MUST register the second person when you
get to the Guest page
The system WILL NOT automatically do
it for you and if you do not, your spouse or other guests will not
be registered. 
Click the CLICK HERE TO ADD GUEST button to proceed to the Guest registration.

When registering your second attendee, choose SPOUSE, PARTNER, OR IMMEDIATE FAMILY for that second registrant.
Once you have registered that person, make sure to click SERVICES AND ACTIVITIES to sign that person up for the
Ladies' Luncheon (female only), Magic Mile, or volunteer opportunities, if interested.

If you have other guests, click the CLICK HERE TO ADD A GUEST button and continue as described above.
If someone is a family member who is older than 18, register that person as SPOUSE, PARTNER, OR IMMEDIATE FAMILY.
If you have children under the age of 18 with you, select YOUTH 18 AND UNDER.

If your guest is 19 and older and not a spouse, partner, or immediate family member, select GUEST 19 AND OLDER


CAM-PLEX Multi-Event Facilities